Saturday, 31 December 2011

Bad Blogger

Seeing as getting the Auschwitz posts written and out on time has turned out to be a total pain in the arse, I've decided to post them together on Auschwitz Memorial Day instead. There are no excuses, I'm sorry, feel free to pelt me with rotten lettuce. 

So... things that have happened... well, I've had a poem published, which is nice; and I have an interview with the Samaritans on the 10th of January (although I have been warned that they often prefer volunteers to be 30+, so... we'll see). Also, according to three-year-old-cousin logic, I'm a digger. Thanks, Bradley. XD

Then there was 5:30ish today, when I came out as Ace to my Mum. I didn't plan to, but while the conversation was on a certain subject she asked me if I was a lesbian (which I'm not), and I just sort of... told her. I think everything's OK, though, which is good. She gave me the old "It might just be a phase", and made a semi-jokey comment about Grandchildren, but it could have been far worse. 

Well, that's pretty much everything. Have a happy New Year :)

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Day 21: What body mod do you have or have you considered?:

I have five piercings at the moment two in each ear and one nose. I did get a labret done when I was sixteen, but found it immensely irritating and took the bloody thing out after less than a day, which probably says a lot about me and my patience, sad to say. I've since concluded that I don't want any bits of metal in my mouth again, although a vertical labret isn't completely out of the question. The only other piercings I've considered are nape of the neck (although I'd imagine caring for that would be very difficult, especially seeing as I have long hair), and top of the ear (but I've decided to stick to wearing ear cuffs for the time being, which I personally think are nicer).

Tattoos wise... the only one I'm pretty sure I want is... well, the idea I have in my head is of a partial tattoo sleeve, ending a fair distance from my wrist so it can be covered if necessary, made up of little shooting stars in green, blue, purple and grey. I have briefly considered a few others, mainly fandom tattoos or ideological symbols, but right now I have no real plans to go ahead with any of them.