Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Confessions of a Procrastinator

Good news: I'm alive!

Bad news: Auschwitz 2- the monolith  was meant to be up two days ago, and I have a half finished light hearted post that should have been up by the start of last week.

So, why aren't they?

Because I'm up to my eyeballs in Extended Project.

No, seriously. This is the 5000 word essay we were, in theory, supposed to start in January. For a multitude of reasons, some within my control, some not, I didn't start until the end of July.

I meant to use the Summer holidays to catch up with everyone else.

I didn't.

There are many things I can blame for this. Some of them are quite depressing, so for the sakes of this post I'll point the finger at and leave it there.

Now there's a fortnight to go before the final deadline and I've only written about 1000 words of my first draft. I should be nearly done by now, but I've got a way to go, and I'm starting to realise the next two weeks might consist of me working like a machine (possibly a slightly faulty one that gets stuck and crashes from time to time, mind you) for a few hours every day after college.

So, blogging is well and truly on the back burner for a bit, which is a bit of a bugger as I was planning to up my post count this month. I do have a day off on Thursday, though, so provided I decide to stay at home (well, my Dad's, which is where I am this week), I might be able to get my delayed posts up then, although one of them may as well be ancient history by that time. XD

No question today either. I would if the next one was a few-sentences thing, but it requires a photo and I'll need a few paragraphs to get across what I want to say, so... yeah. Not now.

Anyway, I'll be back... when I'm back, I suppose, which will hopefully be really soon. In the meantime, I'll let the spiders squat here for a while; they can put back all the nice cobwebs I so cruelly brushed away back in August.

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