Sunday, 15 April 2012

I remember reading an article by Charlie Brooker in which he said that, while some days writing is easy and the words just naturally flow forth, other days you have to fish every word, letter by letter, out of a giant tub of glue.

He also said that the best thing for transforming the tub of glue into a magic pez dispenser is a deadline. It's remarkable what you can come up with when you're racing the clock.

He was right on both counts. **nodnod**

I spent much of today hanging around a mini anime-convention in the Marlands shopping centre- and by 'mini', I mean a cosplay contest accompanied by a food-and-merchandise stall. It was kind of awkward, as my friend and I were two of very few who were neither in costume nor accompanying someone who was. Everyone else appeared to be seasoned convention goers, too, whereas as this was the closest either of us had come. Nonetheless, it was quite good fun, my Kuroshitsuji obsessed friend got a picture of a pretty good Grell cosplayer, and I now have 100% more addictive Japanese sweets than I did this morning. Think it's gone to my head a bit, actually- I spent half the bus ride home thinking about how I'd go about cosplaying as Delirium should the chance ever come up (Grubby old Jacket, multiple hair extensions, and a lot of fishnet).

Speaking of DC Vertigo creations, I now have the first editions of Y the Last Man (which I've wanted to read for ages) and Fables (which I haven't known about that long, but it looks like a promising series). Not sure when I'll get round to reading them, though- my queue of books is a mile long.

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Day 24: Name the best websites for Goths: 

Gothic Charm School would be the obvious one, but it's obvious for a reason. Most people have Stephen Fry down as the number one candidate for Benevolent Dictator, but I personally put Jillian Venters ahead of him.

The other one that's obvious- to my mind, at least- is Stripy Tights and Dark Delights (formally the Ultimate Goth Guide). Massive variety of articles on everything from in-scene politics to the best way to apply makeup. Check it out, if you haven't already. :)

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  1. Oh a mini convention at the marlands? There was one in Waterstones I went to, no idea if I saw you or not.

    Anyway, what Charlie Brooker said ther is very true. I've been stupidly putting off my writing ever since I got hit with a bad series of depressing blows (won't go into detail, will be TMI otherwise) and lost the feeling of it, but after recon when meeting with writers and listening to what they said I was enthralled and managed to rewrite a prologue and a bit of chapter 1 of one of my many Work in Projects, but havn't touched it since. I guesss I could blame video games too, but as you said, a deadline would actually force me to load up word, crack my knuckles and then let my fingers loose (which have a mind of their own when writing, it's like watching a man possessed at the piano!) and bring my stories to life!

    Not tried any japanese sweets I admit, however I have tried Pokey (probably spelt that wrong) and when I went to New York there was this awesome collection of sweets I picked up. They were like lego blocks, but you could eat them and they were made out of hard candy too. Kids loved them halloween time, wish I could get some more overseas, but I could only find warehouses that supply the stuff by the ton.